Posted by: sarah | September 23, 2008

Anan’s Top Male Idols of 2008

And what a surprise to see dark horse Kimutaku at #1. Oh, hold on, I mean, please! Snooze.

“Kimura also repeated last year’s feat of ranking highest in four other categories: Man I’d Most Like to Sleep With, Man I’d Most Want as a Boyfriend, Sexiest Man, and Most Stylish Man.”

I suppose it’s better than “Best Jeanist” (hi Kame). WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Anyway. On with the list!

()compared to last year’s ranking
1. Kimura Takuya (15th year at #1 spot) (-) (“(-)” somehow seems to say it all…)
2. Fukuyama Masaharu (-) (one of the most exciting things about this idol is that he gave up smoking. WOOOO).
3. Akanishi Jin (+5) (OK this is a Tarzan cover, but whatever)
4. Matsumoto Jun (+1)
5. Nakai Masahiro (-2)
6. Yamashita Tomohisa (+8)
7. Katori Shingo (-1)
8. Okada Junichi (-4)
9. Oguri Shun (+10)
10. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (+1)
11. Kamenashi Kazuya (-1)
12. Inagaki Goro (-3) (aww)
13. Tsumabuki Satoshi (-6)
14. Sakurai Sho (+7)
15. Domoto Koichi (-)
16. Ninomiya Kazunari (+2)
17. Eita (+9)
18. Nagase Tomoya (-2)
19. Tamaki Hiroshi (+5)
20. Nishikido Ryo (+2)
21. Ikuta Toma (new)
22. Kenichi Matsuyama (new)
23. Takizawa Hideaki (-11)
24. Ohkura Tadayoshi (+3)
25. Mokomichi Hayami (-8)
26. Koike Teppei (-3)
27. Ichihara Hayato (new)
28. Narimiya Hiroki (-) (Nrrghh)
29. Koide Keisuke (+1)
30. Miura Haruma (new)

18 Johnnys out of 30! Obviously, I don’t know who any of the others are apart from linked-to-Johnnys Satoshi Tsumabuki (Lunch Queen with #6) and Oguri Shun (who was in Stand Up!! with #6 and Gokusen2 with #3). A new entry at #21 brings delight to my heart! I thought it might be the influence of Maou, but Ohno Satoshi (sto-nerrrr) is nowhere to be seen, and it might not even have started airing when this poll was collated. Congrats Toma!



  1. “last year’s feat of coming first in EVERYTHING ABOUT ATTRACTIVENESS”

    HAHA WHAT. Okay I mean it’s a feat in light of his actual FACE, but in terms of being king of received wisdom…

  2. where is Matsuda Shota in this list?!

  3. akanishi gives me nosebleed and he’s hot that he gives me 40 degrees fever

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