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Drama Recaps: Maou Episode One

Maou! Everything about it says: this is going to be well-meaning and mediocre. Based on a Korean drama! Part-police-procedural, part-revenge-tragedy, part-dubious-use-of-Christian-themes, part-family-business-drama! Starring not one but two Johnny’s idols playing serious adult roles! JE idols and serious adult roles: I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of these. A lot of teen-who-matures-through-tribulation, a lot of young-and-inept-and-lovable, a lot of sulky-and-incomprehensible, a lot of kimutaku-playing-that-one-kimutaku-role. But mature members of society with jobs and responsibility? Not so much. Let’s break that duck.

Ohno Satoshi:
babyfaced, in that his face is a moon and he also looks permanently startled by the world;
so all-in-all no wonder everyone was surprised when he was reported to have had a threesome in a karaoke box (which gossip i had to get from néojaponisme of all places) – seriously, the weed’s not such a shocker, but this is a man whose public persona appears to have not even worked out girls exist yet;
infinitely and inexplicably hilarious as Arashi’s “leader”, which probably has some meaning if you watch Arashi’s TV shows on more than a biyearly basis;
not known for his drama appearances (unless we’re counting arashi’s all-member films and, guys, i won’t if you don’t).

Ikuta Tōma:
beloved among fangirls in the role of Yamashita Tomohisa’s nice-guy-best-friend who didn’t get to debut with him, such heartbreak;
seemingly destined for a life of playing the nice-guy-best-friend who doesn’t get the girl, such heartbreak;
kind of… Greek-looking?;
eternally beloved in my heart for that one time he was Mr X on Christmas 2005’s Shonen Club (it’s not spoilers if it’s three years old), which I still have to watch in times of emotional turmoil as, oh, it’s just so moving, when he sings ‘white christmas’ slightly off-key in an ill-fitting suit jacket.

Ohno Satoshi plays a young super-successful lawyer with a SECRET DOUBLE IDENTITY; Ikuta Toma plays an EARNEST and RIGHTEOUS young police officer fighting for JUSTICE and to absolve a terrible childhood mistake. Then there are some other people but, whatever, they aren’t Johnny’s idols.

I’d write the drama name “Maō” but… but that just looks wrong. Same goes for the macron in Toma.

Full, untenably long recap under the cut:

Here is a germanic-looking scratchy picture of a DEVIL and a sweet and rather too cheerful Japanese girl talking about ANGELS! What could this mean?? Gosh, she is telling a group of small children the story of THE FALL OF LUCIFER. God turned against him and threw him out of heaven – footsteps, a boy reaches out his bloody hands, a knife in his uniformed chest, Ohno Satoshi looks troubled, lays down some flowers as the dead boy fades from sight. Lucifer changed his name to Satan and lost his way into hell, and Ohno Satoshi stands up with a flourish! What can this mean?

“Hideo,” he says, “watch me.”

And already I’m thinking: okay okay the identification of some putative angel Lucifer with The Adversary is quite standard Christian dogma, fine, but pretty much all the apocrypha agree that he was kicked out of heaven for overweening pride. So, uh– no, I don’t know where I’m going with this.

Look at his face! He’s not happy.

Cutesy girl says “he turned into… The Devil!”

Courtroom scene: man absolved, hustles his way over to thank his lawyer, one Ohno Satoshi, saying again and again ‘you’re a god!’: so is this the hubris that’s going to bring Ohno down? I’d be pretty hubristic if I were able to get not-guilty verdicts in a Japanese court. That’s really not easy.

Contrast: Ohno Satoshi walks away calmly from court, Ikuta Toma runs.wildly through the Tokyo streets, chasing s suspect, somehow winds up on a roof (continuity what?) and dangles the suspect over the edge until he agrees to confess. Is he, perhaps, a maverick? Does he do what he’s gotta do to get the job done? Did someone just look at him through a camera viewfinder and squish his head?

Topless shots of Ohno Satoshi, showering and shirting up, as if to say: babyfaced he may be, but also buff. He sashaws through his showroom apartment into a darkroom. In the warm red light he has a flashback to the past, gritty grey digital video world where one boy shows another a knife and then stabs him in a curious hugging motion. Photos, photos, a set in which a hand picture-by-picture squishes the head of a distant Ikuta Toma – or at least makes a grasping action toward, whatever. He should make them into a flipbook.

This darkroom is huge! Man, being a lawyer is good money. A slow advance to pick up a tarot card, open a pocket-knife, look confused: then hold it in front of a photo of Toma and stab it in his chin. Ohno’s eyes are wide: he’s thinking ‘why couldn’t I have hit a more dramatic part?’

Toma, whose name is Detective Serizawa, so let’s call him Serizawa from now on, establishes in a quick piece of police-station exposition that he didn’t go to university but he became a detective before his higher-educated female colleague did and so reserves the right to pull rank on her, he talks roughly, he sleeps in the station. He’s a rebel! He doesn’t wanna go home! Some guy he went to school with is beating his girlfriend and his colleague lets him do the interrogation, like that isn’t totally unprofessional. But someone turfs him out to receive a package from one Amano Makoto, which kanji-related exposition informs us is written “rain’s truth” (or rain [kanji for field standing in for genitive] truth), which is totes weird. Also, it’s a box but it only contains one red envelope, which is pretty weird. Also, no-one appears to have checked the contents before sending it straight into the police station, which is frankly sloppy. Also, Serizawa doesn’t know what a tarot card is, which is just plain unlikely. That’s why you should have gone to university! Or read any mystery manga at all. Or watched any television. According to Japanese popular culture, no-one uses tarot cards except unnecessarily baroque murderers! And CLAMP.

University Graduate receives word of a robbery and Serizawa is running out of there before he can even hear where it is, because he’s a maverick and also not very bright, but he doesn’t get much of a headstart as he smacks into someone in the hallway. Through mysterious coincidence this is our young lawyer, who has arrived to represent the wifebeater. They stop for introductions, in which Serizawa demonstrates that he is only capable of talking politely if he behaves like an awkward child, and Naruse (for that is the lawyer’s name) is supremely unruffled. As Serizawa dashes away, Naruse lets his grimace-like smile slip off his face and stands with the light behind him, looking unforgiving.

Wow, I’m so going to hate this Arashi song by the time this series is done. Why is Matsumoto Jun’s voice so high in the mix? Serizawa runs around, looks confused; Naruse strikes meaningful poses in menacing slow motion. That’s characterisation for you.

A spread of tarot cards (spirituality); a girl humming ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ (youthful dreaming); and here she is in a formless white peasant blouse (innocence, unthreatening bohemia). Her friend, who is dressed as a woman who has a job, has lost an earring, and yes she’s looked for it properly, and– oh, would you really? But it’ll tire you out– what can this mean? Dreamy innocent lays the earring’s sibling down, steals a hand over it, and declares, to a shiver of noise: under the sink. For she has had a vision, full of shaking and crackles, for she is an psychic. Picks out a tarot card: the Wheel of Fortune! a reunion! and on her dewy face the sun’s light shines.

She works in a library! Working in a library in Japan, like so many jobs, involves the wearing of white gloves, which looks frankly really dumb in combination with the oversize smock. Here’s a library patron: here’s some slow camerawork, because it’s Naruse, who shall have music wherever he goes. She helps him find the architecture book he’s looking for and, reader, she flirts as she does it. She suspects, indeed, that they might have met before, but he’s politely blank on the subject.

Serizawa is a rebel and as such is incapable of doing his job properly. Dude, forced confessions are not a good idea! Violence is not the answer! Also, talk politely to your boss, for Christ’s sake. He sulks on a roof: the suggestion of smoking without there being any shots of Ikuta Toma with a cigarette in mouth that the weekly papers might ~*misinterpret*~.

Naruse, by contrast, is being praised by his subordinates in a flurry of exposition. He looks modest – or at least politely blank – at being reminded that he’s called the ‘Angel Lawyer’ by the media and keeps getting requests for new cases to defend. I don’t think I’m quite getting across how delicately nuanced Ohno’s politely blank expression is: it’s always so well-attuned to the situation. Here he is politely blank as if to suggest ‘no no you’re too kind, that can’t be true but i’m dreadfully gratified all the same’. Then he sits at his desk and his blank expression says: I am a being of murderous rage. Look, I’m having a flashback about Serizawa. Also I appear to be wearing lipgloss.

University Graduate knows about tarot cards! That’s because she went to university! She has probably also read some shojo manga. And she’s wearing a suit, like a person who has a proper job. Serizawa’s big brother would also like him to wear a suit at some party he has to go to. Serizawa’s brother is introduced with a pan across some skyscrapers, and then a cut to the big brother in the hallway of a corporate building, attended by a secretary with Yon-sama glasses. Big Brother has something to do, one might assume, with the more lucrative side of capitalism.

The big lad from all the series of Gokusen is demanding money with menaces in a shop! Serizawa will arrest him! No, wait, he won’t, because they went to school together. Ah, loyalty. Maybe he just feels bad for the big lad: being a big lad, he’s limited to playing mafia enforcers and people who work in ramen shops, i.e. characters who are coded ‘Chinese’, because woe betide a Japanese person be fat yet not a sumo player. Also, being a big lad, he’s wheezing and puffing and not going to the doctor. Domestic Violence Classmate is probably going to go to prison; Big Lad is a loan shark; gosh, what salutary friends Serizawa has.

Black leather gloves: dread. A party! People are rich: they have large rooms, waistcoated waiters, middle-aged ladies in kimonos tittering into their palms, buffet. Serizawa is a rebel without a suit. Big Brother’s secretary with the Yon-sama glasses tuts at Serizawa for being late and reiterates our exposition about Naruse, Angel Lawyer. Big Brother blusters over, chides Serizawa for being incapable of speaking adult Japanese like a civilised person, has a wife. Outside a building, a lurking slow shadow, ominous music. Inside the party, Serizawa is chivvied off to meet some respected personage, looking mulish. Outside, silhouette resolves into Naruse; inside, Serizawa keeps walking, big brother’s directing hand on his shoulder. Outside, Naruse’s blank sad hateful face; inside, Serizawa shoves his chin up. Naruse moves off into the dark; Serizawa shifts out of slo-mo. Wow, that bit of parallelism took a long time.

The personage! One Mr Kumada! It is a rare delight to see Serizawa, who is a champion arrester of the criminal element! Yet someone with grey hair considers Detective Serizawa to be nothing but a footsoldier – and here let’s pause, because there’s a particularly beautiful shot of Ikuta Toma’s profile, especially of his nose, which is a fantastic nose: aquiline, like the Buddha’s, like the nose of the Emperor Augustus. Oh, Ikuta Toma, you have a face made for coinage. Right: grey-haired man, whose hair is by the way a particularly suspect shade, exactly the same grey all over, thinks Serizawa should think about his future a little more. Serizawa drinks. Dyed Grey Hair needles, further, that Serizawa hasn’t repaid the respected personage’s aid: Serizawa glowers. The respected personage attempts to diffuse the situation but is called away by his telephone. Who is it? It is Naruse Ryo! He’s using a phonebox! He’s heard some kind of odd rumour! Serizawa is still drinking. Naruse puts down the phone and is – aha! – outside the respected personage’s office. Guess what, guys, respected personage is a lawyer too.

Big Brother indicates to the viewer that the family business may be architecture: they’re building in Dubai! Isn’t dad great! Meaningful looks identify dyed grey hair as their fond papa, who Big Brother thinks wants Serizawa back in the family business, supervising the new project. But Serizawa’s not going to stop being a detective! Why has he gone out of his way to choose a painful path? I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that, rather than just having a deep personal desire to keep Japan lawful rather than build casinos for Dubai fat-cats, Serizawa’s devotion to justice is motivated by some pang of ~*conscience*~. Not that he says anything of the sort. They segue flawlessly into a discussion of Big Brother’s wife’s cooking as we cut smoothly to the wife in question, who is closing the kitchen door carefully behind herself. Is she a secret drinker? Does she have a headache and want to get a glass of water? She’s grabbed by the wrist! She’s pulled to the side! She’s engaged in passionate embrace! With the secretary avec des lunettes Yon-sama! His hand flexes convulsively in the material of her skirt in a way that suggests wild sexual abandon, or perhaps a cramp.

Respected Lawyer Personage has returned to his office. A black-leather-glove’d silhouette is outside, checks his watch. Headlamps flash.

Annnnnnnnnd daylight, crowd noise, police tape, Serizawa running. How do they know to let him through the barrier, since he doesn’t wear any identifying uniform? It’s probably that gorgeous nose. Is that the dewy-eyed psychic in the crowd? Possibly not: they’re focusing on a poorly-dressed man with a satchel. The corpse at hand is Respected Lawyer Personage, dead in his office: Serizawa blasts in, fires some questions at his boss, pulls on some quite gloves and starts shoving himself in to the investigation. University Graduate looks miffed when she should be dragging him by the scruff of the neck out of there until he’s at least asked if the crime scene can be touched. Rifles through some papers, knocks to the floor — a tarot card. Unnecessary flashback! Serizawa and University Graduate make alternate noises of incredulousness. Unnecessary flashback! The same thing was sent to Serizawa! from the same person! The Chief is surprised.

Turns out Respected Personage doesn’t know anyone called Amano Makoto either, and he received the package yesterday lunchtime: a box containing a red-enveloped tarot card and a red-handled pocket knife.

Where is the knife?

In his chest.

Series of shocked-expression close-ups.

Oh and also Respected Personage was getting phone calls to his mobile from some unknown source which left him looking ~*troubled*~. University Graduate checks the phone: calls from a landline! And then from a public phone! A telephone call he received while at the Serizawa’s Marital and Filial Piety Party! Serizawa is CERTAIN that the same nefarious person must have sent the tarot card, called Kumada to work, and murderised him. Dude, maybe he used the phone call as an excuse to get away from your family. Maybe, in order to get away from your fmily and their incessant bickering and sulkiness and restraining hands and adultery, he stabbed himself in the chest. I am just saying.

Naruse’s in church! There’s the sound of children singing because holy choirs of seraphim attend him at every turn. Or maybe he’s at mass. Shot of crucifix: Jesus is hanging up straight like Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man. The Japanese Jesus does not slump in dying agony, he does not shout eli eli lama sabathchawhatever it was: he has an orthopraxical work ethic.

We contrast the straight-backed lipglossy Naruse with Serizawa running into a car, looking confused. It is hard being him. Naruse’s face, eyes shut, looks like a deathmask. Serizawa might get out of the car again. I didn’t know he drove: I thought he just ran everywhere. At the Serizawa hotel empire’s fancy building in Tokyo Bay, a bad dye job is unnerved by news of the respected personage’s death. Back in church, Naruse opens his eyes and stares heavy-lidded over at the dewy-eyed psychic. He looks not so much malicious as affronted. Maybe because she is rocking along slightly out of time with the music.

The police do not know very much, and Serizawa is still carrying around his tarot card. He snatches the address of the shop the boxes were sent from** and sprints off, off and away. University Graduate should really stop wearing heels if she’s expected to work with this track and field madman.

Naruse and the dewy-eyed psychic meet on the church steps. In an entirely unexpected turn of events, she is an orphan brought up in the orphanage attached to the church. Here are some adorable children to call her ‘big sister Shiori~’ and prove that she’s not some kind of obsessive fabulist. Although that would totally be better.

Shop is a bust, but University Graduate – whose name is Takazuka – is told where the tarot cards came from, so off they hie. The Chief comes along too, to the… shop? belonging to dewy-eyed psychic? who I thought was a librarian? does librarianning just not pay the bills when you’re a psychic orphan? Maybe she needs the extra money to bleach those drifty boho smocks of hers. Yes, the tarot card is from her shop; no, she doesn’t keep a list of buyers. It’s not like there’s an international registery of tarotists. Serizawa wants to know if individual tarot cards have meanings: well done, Serizawa! Maybe you didn’t need that university education after all.

The ‘Judgement’ card (for it is that) means “atonement for the sins of the past.” Well, gosh. It’s not as if you might have guessed something similar from the name. Or google. Are Japan’s police just too professional to use google? Because, guess what, they’re not too professional to use a psychic. Okay no wonder Serizawa has to force confessions out of people if their actual evidence is so dubious. Lovely Psychic Shiori steals a hand over the pocketknife (in a plastic bag, evidence contamination fans), and has a grainy crackling flashback to Lawyer Kumada opening the box, pointing the knife at someone, grappling with someone, and… yeah, that’s it. Serizawa proves himself to be the worst interrogator of cold readers in the world by telling her that Kumada was the one who was stabbed when she hasn’t mentioned it. Not that I’m saying she’s a cold reader, obviously, I think for the sake of this drama we’re just going to have to accept that she can sense the leftover memories associated with an object by passing her hand over it. Serizawa will never believe it! So by the end of the episode he’ll be a fully paid-up spiritualist, then.

Naruse, in his dark room of doom, advances slowwwwwwly and draws a cross in thick black marker over the photographed face of Respected Lawyer Kumada. They he walks sloooooowwwwwwwly some more. He has a music-box that plays somewhere over the rainbow (youthful dreaming), and here he keeps a silver pocket-knife, a photograph, and a pile of painful memories. Looks like schoolboy Hideo died and pubescent Serizawa was the one to blame, but got away with it as ‘justified self-defence’. Schoolboy Naruse haaaaaaates Serizawa. Adult Naruse is not much changed. Thanks, backstory fairy!

Naruse goes for a slow walk in the rain, though a park of homeless people’s tarpaulin shelters, and meets a man under a tree.

In a police meeting we learn that the repeated landline calls were coming from someone who’s just got out of twelve years in prison. The prosecutor who put him there? Kumada. Serizawa dashes off to find the man before he’s even issued a warrant: but, there, in the door, Naruse! With Hayashi! Who’s come to turn him in! Naruse’s face says ‘just you try your police brutality in front of me, sunshine’.

koko made wa kono sponsaa no teikyo de okurishimashita.

Serizawa continues to be the world’s worst interrogator: this entire scene is so that S can hold the tarot card out near Naruse’s face and Naruse look politely blank. It seems that Hayashi was carrying some kind of digital dictaphone when he went to see Kumada – why? – and therefore has A+ awesome evidence. He accused Kumada of using his case for money to afford a career shift; Kumada got defensive, scared, grabbed the convenient knife; ex-con Hayashi said ‘oh go on then kill me’; grappling; death of Kumada. Justified self-defence.

Serizawa looks ~*haunted*~. But why the tape recorder? But why did University Graduate just burst in and tell everyone in the room the results of their search of the ex-con’s apartment? No tarot cards but a bag full of stamped addressed red envelopes from Amano Makoto, sent to Hayashi every month when he was in prison. The letters are variations on a theme of ‘Kumada had you sent down for twelve years to prove himself in legal circles so he could successfully switch from prosecutor to defence attorney’. Serizawa offers the easy out: Hayashi called and turned up with the dictaphone to record a confession for the media. Hayashi says – no, no, Kumada called me there. Well, his secretary. Well– okay, yeah, everyone can work this one out, but Serizawa voices it for us: it was this Amano Makoto feller. He manoeuvred them into the same place knowing that Kumada would for certain accidentally die at the hands of Hayashi and Hayashi wouldn’t forget to turn the dictaphone on and Kumada would definitely turn up on his own and– yes, sheer elegance in its simplicity.

Hayashi is grateful to the mysterious Amano, and kinda glad that Kumada is dead. Serizawa blows up (again): reprimanded by Naruse, he utter the crashing irony: ‘can you not understand the feelings of one who’s had an important family member taken away from them?’ Naruse, politely calm, utters a correct platitude to the effect that, no matter who they are, a person is an important existence to anyone. Quiet crashing orchestration, close-ups. Wait, that was meaningful?

Serizawa running in a park, red envelope in hand: he find Dreamy Psychic Princess Shiori-san outside her library, and demands her magical object-memory dowsing services. She points out – a little shortly – that he doesn’t believe her anyway. For the first time I like her. Be mean more often, psychic orphan! Today’s oversized blouse, by the way, is a dream in pink and white lace. Serizawa shouts details of the case in the middle of the street: he hates this criminal especially because they’re using others to do the dirty work~ Naturally, this display of youthful spirit changes Shiori’s mind for her. The only things she gets from the letter are: man typing, black leather gloves, letter into envelope. Oh and the man is as if he ~*has no heart*~.

Naruse, fiddling with the some silver object, crouched to the concrete floor where he laid the flowers at the start. Is it the pocket-knife that killed Hideo? No, it is a harmonica. He gave it to Hideo for his birthday. Sitting on the bank, in the orange light of later afternoon, Hideo played ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ (youthful dreaming). Now Hideo is dead. Inexpressible sadness. Rage. Face overlayed with the face of the Germanic Satanas.

And now, mild fanservice! Yes, that’s right, you can’t have a drama starring Ohno without a cameo from his apparent beffie, Ninomiya Kazunari. Otherwise what would the fans think — that maybe they didn’t love each other any more? Never!! Naruse is accosted in a slow walk though one of those eternal underpasses that drama-Tokyo is full of by some angry young man. It’s Nino! No, wait, it’s Kumada’s son! I don’t know if I’m even meant to be suspending disbelief at this point. blah, blah, how can you say my father was a would-be murderer, Ohno – I mean Naruse – slammed up against a wall, a thousand fangirl hearts flutter with dojinshi imaginings. And with another of those Naruse-patented platitudes, Nino – sorry, Kumada’s son – is slumping off down the alley again.

More Meaningful Irony: the police are doing a reconstruction, with Serizawa in the role of Kumada. He’s wearing a little bib that says ‘被害者’.

“You’re in the victim role?” Naruse asks. He’s smirking. We’re all smirking. Yes yes well done there the writers. Serizawa doesn’t want him in there – probably worries that he’s going to look ridiculous, or maybe that’s not a concern? – but stay he does. I do not know if this is Ikuta Toma’s acting, or my charitable imagination, but it really does not appear that Serizawa understands the really awful irony of his situation until he takes the fake knife in hand, and has a flashback. Well, someone has a flashback. Was Naruse even there when Hideo got stabbed? Not that you need to see something to have a vivid visual memory of it, there was a study about this recently.

The thing is– Serizawa’s a police officer. They will have done a background check. Even if he doesn’t have a record, they surely will have known that he got off once under ‘justified self-defence’ in a knifing death, so what kind of idiot would find him suitable for this? The team on this case, in the meetings, is more than ten people, some of whom would surely be closer to the build of a successful middle-aged lawyer than this little whipcord of a twentysomething. Like, I appreciate the irony of what they’re doing here, but it’s just a little too implausible for me to take.

In the flashback, the boy on the left (who started with the knife) actively stabs the boy on the right, and the stabbed boy falls forward on the other. In the reconstruction, Serizawa/Kumada falls onto Hayashi and the knife is driven up, into his stomach — or it would be, if he weren’t busy having a ptsd attack. Eventually he manages to get it in but we’re lost in the past, stabbed abandoned Hideo’s shaking hand reaching out to his busted harmonica. And Serizawa in the present, shaking.

Justified self-defence: Naruse directly quotes Kumada’s defence of schoolboy Serizawa, just to dig the knife a little deeper. AS IT WERE.

“The truth cannot be distorted,” Naruse says, and slow-walks away in smugness. Shiori looks at the Judgement tarot card again; Serizawa drinks in a little streetside gyoza stand deal and falls over a bicycle on his drunken stumble home. He does that thing that men do in dramas, where they scream and contort in the street because that’s more gender-appropriate than crying.

In the red red darkroom of doom, Naruse has photos of alll of Serizawa’s friends and family and they’re allll going down. whoot whoot.

** belated edit for explanation: in Japan, you can post parcels from shops: say you buy a bottle of fancy Shochu or a nice vase and you don’t want to cart it home, you can just get the nice people to post it to your house. And then presumably people just use the nearest shop that does express-delivery to send parcels, rather than schlepping all the way to the post office. There’s the added plus that a random feller in a shop is less likely than a postal service worker to recognise when your from: address is patently false.
You can also, as I’ve discovered, send parcels without even needing to leave your home. The nice postman will come and weigh it and send it off for you. Even on a public holiday. Even at 8pm on a public holiday. Oh, dear Japan Post, how I love you, even if you’re not as good as you were pre-privatisation you’re still awesome.



  1. Best recap ever! You have set a high bar. I’m now wondering whether I should actually start with One Pound Gospel for a compare and contrast of the wtf catholicism, although – it will be *~quite hard work~* and after three episodes I will have gone insane and it will be 5,000 words about Dewy Eyed Love Moppet Yamada Ryosuke twirling about in his indoor shoes to the sound of an orchestra only he can hear, but oh no! He’s hampered by boxing gloves, how will he ever go to the ball. 1PG has no tarot but plenty of nuns folding their hands. Oh who am I kidding it’s just the jcast of ‘Sister Act’. Next up, 1PG the musical.

    I hadn’t had Maou on my radar (riidah?) at all but Ohno being super-evil is something I *must see*.

    That Ohno gossip is old news – I can’t wait for the Ryo-chaaan and Nino drama so I can bring out the “ryo likes to BITE!” gossip which WILL NEVER NOT BE HILARIOUS.

  2. oh yeah do 1PG! it has the saving grace of not being much cop so you don’t feel like you’re letting the show down if you just type type type! plus, wtf catholicism is such a rich vein of ‘oh god, oh god, japan, just because both tarot and the catholic church are kind of european and mediaeval does not mean they necessarily go together’. go on, doooo ittt.

    i guess the ohno gossp is old news but mostly i just love how neojaponisme functions as my j-scandal blog.

    RYO LIKES TO BITE ahahahaha it’s like he has to be this ridiculous in his extra-curricular ‘activities’ to make up for the fact that he is the least funny member of kanjani 8.

  3. He is pretty funny in the skit they do for Sukiyanen Osaka where he steals Yoko’s purin! But mostly er that is funny because Yoko and Ryo-chan is merely the foil. Yet, I still love him for his whiny b1tch voice and let us not forget: HE IS VERY SMALL. (and likes to bite) (did i tell you that one of my concert ryo pictures has him cuddling up to a box of tissues?)

    1PG it is! Hold on to your Chinens.

    COMPLETELY UNRELATED, but speaking of j-scandal blogs I just read (this is not scandalous technically), but SuJu are teaming up with a comedy team (who I think, wear swimming caps?) to release Rokkugoh in the J-pan, wick!

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  5. Your blog sucks. Get your facts straight. Ohno-kun wasn’t carrying a pocket knife in the jewelry box, it was a HARMONICA. And learn how to fucking spell! I know this drama came out a long time ago but I just came across your blog. If you have nothing nice to say then shut the FUCK up. Many people worked really hard on making this drama and they don’t need some stupid foreigner bashing their hard work.

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