Posted by: sarah | September 26, 2008

Jin’s been Friday’d again

I’m not sure of the best thing about the latest report of Jin being Friday’d, [link], is it the:

1. Headline! ” Jin and a Model-type beautiful Girl on a Steak Dinner Date“! (does Tokyo have an Aberdeen Angus Steak House?)
2. The fact that Jin and the “Model Type Beautiful Girl” are wearing baseball caps, I mean – baseball caps! They can’t genuinely consider wearing matching trucker caps an actual disguise, can they??
3. The fact that the “Model Type Beautiful Girl” is wearing a leopard print smock (stop wearing smocks ppl) and looks sort of pregnant! GASP! Akanishi, you didn’t knock her up did you?? I doubt it. It takes a special smock to make even Model Type Beautiful Girls look unfertilised, and that smock my dere, is not it.
4. “Model Type Beautiful Girl”! Friday can’t even be arsed naming the women, these days! “OH IDEK SOMEONE WITHOUT A Y CHROMOSONE I GUESS”.

I think it’s the “steak dinner date”. Jin is such a gentleman! I hope they had prawn cocktail for starters… or tomato juice! The infamous tomato-juice-as-starter never gets old. Mind, I have no IDEA if any of the current batch of steakhouses still offer this particular ‘delicacy’ to poor punters trapped by the gravitational glitz and glare of Leicester Square. Jin, come to London, baby. We’ll go to the Scotch Steakhouse. It’ll be much better. And no-one will know who you are so you can (read, HAD BETTER) leave the baseball caps at the Jimusho.


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