Posted by: sarah | September 28, 2008

More Anan 2008 ranking fun

Whilst I’m here, updating our ‘about’ page with our answers to NEWS Question 10 from Aug 05’s “Wink Up”, let’s have at some more of those Anan 2008 ratings we love so much. If you don’t rate your idols, you can’t prove you like them! Let’s have it.

JOLLY GOOD CHUMS! Top Idol “most wanted as a friend” – my dearest Aiba Masaki (aiba-chan, super idol! honestly, it’s better than how it sounds). Others appear to be non-JE and off my radar. So, JE better at s3x then long conversations about feelings? You never.

THE GOOD WILL OUT: Idol you “most want to embrace” – Jin Akanishi! This is quite a good list actually – it goes Jin, Kame (!! he’d snap in two!), Yamapi, Twinkie (Koike Teppei!) and Ikuta Toma. His stock is GOING UP! Go Toma! Go Toma!

DING DONG THE BELLS ARE GONNA CHIME: Idol you “most want to marry” – at #4 it’s Arashi’s Sakurai Sho. What?! Because he read the news or something?! I genuinely wonder. I don’t know that much about Sho so if any Sho lovers want to sho (ha! ha!) me his marriageworthy points I am all ears! Goro from SMAP is at #5! Ha! How does it feel to be under your kouhai!!

OXY-CUTE ‘EM: “Cutest Idol”! At #1, dewy eyed love moppet Yamada Ryosuke. SHOCK ME. Psyche! #2, Twinkie. #3, Ninomiya Kazunariiiii~~! #4 Ikuta Toma (!! baffling! CUTE?? Delicious Grecian nose, perhaps? piercing eyes? A certain… grace? But… in the same bracket as DELM, Twinkie and Nino?!) – esp when you see #5 – Chinen Yuuri. Lilly has recently been spotted sporting braids. I am not even joking.

ISN’T IT FUNNY HOW WE DON’T TALK ANYMORE? The top “cool and funny” idols feature our only Kanjani8 representation from JE, with Yokoyama You at #3. Yoko is the humour filling in a sandwich of Aiba-chan at #2 and Domoto Koichi at #4.

Noteworthy: Sakurai Sho and GORO also duplicate appearances in “most intellectual idol”. Goes to show, Anan readers may embrace (even f**k) dear ole Kimutaku, but it looks like they’ll only be walking down the aisle with idols who can demonstrate some intelligence. Hey – I never said much intelligence. Did I mention Yamapi has a degree now? Yer get meh?



  1. Y’all can just ignore a certain incorrect tag which was NEVER THERE ANYWAY. Ahem.

  2. “Lilly has recently been spotted sporting braids.”

    pics or it didn’t count.

  3. It was in POTATO! I can’t remember which month but I will check. It was in one of those hilarious features where they think – 10 members?!?!?! WTF CAN WE DO HERE THROW US A BONE EH JOHNNY – and thus certain members of HSJ have to be “cool” and “rebellious”. Lily – this might work for you, one day. But it is not this day. Am terrified he will do a tegoshi VERY SOON and I will start finding him creepily attractive. But… yes, not this day. Right. This is a challenge. I will dig out the pictures.

    They weren’t FULL braids mind, just on the side. Less braid than Tracey Ravenclaw XcyberglitterXJin Akanishi’s in the Don’t U Ever Stop PV! Sigh. Ridiculous though they were, I would TOTALLY PULL THEM. If you know what I mean.

  4. no no no please explain more about how you would like to “pull” Jin’s “braids” I am sure our huge readership are just longing to hear.

    tbqh I couldn’t pick chinen yuuri out of a lineup. he’s hsj’s number three, right? after nakajima cute-oh and dewy love moppet yamada ryosuke? is he the one that is actually a girl?

  5. No no he is number five actually. First there’s Yabu and Hikaru from Ya ya yah, then there’s Dewy Eyed Love Moppet, then there’s sarada of all the hilarity Takaki Yuya (I now have stockholm syndrome and laugh hysterically every time I see him and make jokes to myself about Akanishi-sempai and Takaki-kouhai forming some sort of crime-fighting hairspray duo). THEN there’s tiny tiny Chinen who would be higher but he frequently falls down gaps in drains and the like. After Lilly there’s Uglyface Keito “my dad was in otokogumi you know – oh really? – yeah! – i’d never have guessed” Okamoto. Right now I hate him but usually when I hate someone all they need to do is recite a moderately amusing scripted pun on the Shonen Club and then I love them, so until then Keito…

    HSJ take quite a lot of study! Oh well more fun than procedures for fast-track claims.

    ANYWAY, I found a picture of the braids, they are “subtle”. But er unfortunately I don’t have the cable to transfer the picture from my phone. OR it’s in the other room and I’m lazy. /fermat.

  6. and nakajima?

    i think i’m confused cos yabu and hikaru weren’t in HS7, were they. They kind of seem too old to have been born in heisei? gd it johnny’s entertainment with your ridiculous themed boybands, at least this group aren’t an initialisation of their members’ names AGAIN.

    OH ALSO I forgot to be shocked at GORO falling under ‘most intellectual’ and ‘you’d most like to marry’ – blimey japan’s anan readers have short memories. idk i would not describe a dude who drunk-drives and verbally abuses police officers as an “intellectual”. Is this just me? Am i just too humourless for Japan?

    Not that I have anything against SMAP but with the exception of Nakai they are occasionally salad of all the really unattractive qualities.

  7. Nakajima is off the radar, he has just seemingly never spoken, or done much ever, and I can’t allow him to still be resting on his Nobuta laurels.

    Nooo they were in Ya-ya-yah of course, which was also an initialisation of names but THE BEST EVER. *cries* YA-YA-YAH, just consistently awesome! Whyyyy did you break them up Johnny, especially to form effing HSJ. Not that I don’t… quite like, Ultra Music Power and Your Seed but all together they’re just not… that interesting, are they? MAN I bet I sound JUST like 4TOPS fans after NEWS debuted, don’t I?

    Didn’t the drinkdrive accident happen years ago though? I mean, they even let Uchi be in a drama these days. Ha omg, Uchi has clearly been on the St. Tropez as his fake tan level is rivalling the Tango man.

    I have something against SMAP, but I can’t really tell you why. I vaguely resent them, having heard maybe TWO of their songs. Sucks to be SMAP, huh.

  8. Hikaru and Yabu both born in 1990 btw – Shoon born in 1988. Is that the only reason he couldn’t join HeySay? I guess :( He’s now doing acrobatics with ABC yaay.

    I feel so wrong knowing all this about Juniors (i don’t care if HSJ have debuted THEY ARE STILL JRS REALLY).

  9. “if any Sho lovers want to sho (ha! ha!) me his marriageworthy points I am all ears!”

    How about all eyes ^^

    Sang lullaby & change diapers like a pro.

    Title: “Sho is good with kids!!!”

  10. Ha haa! Sho as the human pillow! I love Aiba-chan cooking as well. I don’t know, I am very fond of Aiba but I can’t really say why I like him so much. Must be his super-idol nature!

    I think Sho just has a sleepy-effect, perhaps he emits some sort of spore that makes people sleepy?

    HOLD ON I’ve just noticed that once he takes the hat off, Sho has a delicious curly perm TOO! Right, I am going to HAVE to compile a gallery of all the curly permed Johnnys of A/W 08. Too wonderful!!

    Thank you for the video links!! :)

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