Posted by: sarah | October 3, 2008

Hey Say JUMP? Hey Say Goths More Like

Hey Say JUMP! straddle an odd divide for me, in that they’re a debuted band, yet they are all about TEN YEARS OLD (save for Hikaru and Yabu and perhaps Takaki?) – so I shouldn’t really still be bracketing them in the “Juniors” label in my head. But… sheesh, they’ve now been about for a year and their fourth single is coming out next week. It is called Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, which I would assume means “Shadow Boy’s Mayonnaise Middle”. But then I look it up, and it means MIDNIGHT SHADOW BOY! Awesome!! I await the Shakespear’s Sister style PV with baited breath! Still. Fourth single??? They had a third?! Dudes, this is lame, I pay more attention to Yamashita Shoon (check him out with ABC performing “Higher Fly”! It’s GREAT) and AWFUL-YET-NOW-MAYBE-I-LOVE-THEM KIS-MY-FT-2. At least they’re still doing Shonen Club skits, I am still yet to see HSJ be interesting EVARRRR.

Anyway, it appears their third second! single was Dreams Come True (after Ultra Music Power, BEFORE Your Seed, okay gotcha) which I am watching for the first time RIGHT NOW on youtube (well it’s a Friday – work?? Work shmerk). My jaw is agape, “no-budget” has been redefined. They’ve put Chinen in a cricket jumper. I LOVE cricket jumpers but CHINEN IS SHORTER THAN A CRICKET BAT!! Keep the cricket jumpers for Akanishi and Nakamaru please. Please, I mean, seriously, it’s enough to reduce me to a heaving mess. Anyway – oh dear, 49 seconds in and Takaki Yuya spins across the screen with that flicky hair and smirk. Hilariously, he is wearing a leather jacket and leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets trying to be NONCHALANT. I love it!!

But just wait until 2 minutes in and Hikaru gets a Flying V guitar! OK, I’ve been a sucker for the Flying V ever since Tim Wheeler first wheeler-ed (wielded? did that work?) one in the early days of Ash. Importantly, the flying V appears during a SQUIDGY SYNTH BREAK where NO GUITARS ARE PLAYED AT ALL. Hurrah!!

Speaking of Takaki, (as I sort of was), apparently back in February he was the hottest er… er… young person? This according to February 2008’s Anan magazine, which some of you may know as “that” naked Yamashita Tomohisa photoshoot with the Russian lady straight outta Torchwood.  Turns out that someone got me a copy, and it was handed to me over some delicious ginger cake and orange juice last night. Trying to hide your pornography from the other fifteen people gathered round the table was a little awkward, but I think I got away with it. Until now of course, when I’m talking about it on the internet. Hi everybody!



  1. I need to remember not to watch ABC youtubes: omg i hate them so muchhhhh and so unreasonably. PUT A SHIRT ON, WRONGFACED ABC MEMBER.

    I was quite pro-HSJ in a passive way until I saw that video, but… perhaps if there had been some choreography? Or harmony? Or anything like a charm point beyond ‘a bunch of kids just standing around doing some stuff not very enthusiastically’. Also, you know how, in mediaeval paintings, they didn’t know how to draw children so they just drew adults only half the size? that is chinen yuuri.

  2. I don’t understand your ABC hatred! They flip off DIVING BOARDS! Contravening about ninety grillion health and safety regulations I am sure unless there is an exception in legislation concerning the activities of Johnnys. And EVERYONE in kis-my-ft-2 (ugh I don’t want to call them ‘kisumai’ but so many hyphens so little time for busy typing fingers) AND questionquestionmark have wronger faces than shirtless dude from Acrobat Boysh Club (ash if Sean Connery had named them himshelf).

    I think the wrongest faced Jr is Yuma Nakayama, I have never seen him do ANYTHING but he always gets ONE PAGE to himself in the Jr section and like, shudder.

    You are so on the money wrt Lilly that Isambard Kingdom Brunel has given up the engineering business and signed up to be the replacement 8th member of kanjani.

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