Posted by: sarah | October 5, 2008

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Given that, you know, Music Station are comfortably snuggled in the pockets of beloved Johnnys Entertainment, and that Japanese presenters tend to ask interesting and probing questions of their idols about as many times as I have flown around the world on a wing’d pig. Generally:  “you have a new single?” “yes.” “perform it!”, then the idols in question stare at the floor and shuffle their shoes… what do they choose to ask our dearest (really, we love him) Nakamaru Yuichi? Oh, isn’t it obvious? They ask him whether he’s got over his shyness about exposing his “winkie”. His pork sword. His sausage… of lurrrve. NEED I GO ON?

Even if you hadn’t got the subtitles detailing Nakamaru showing off his tummy-banana to a bothrd Ueda Tatsuya, it’s worth downloading just for the huge smiles and laughter from the group all round. It seems a world away from the sulky marys these days. CHEER UP, OH MY GOD, YOUR LIFE IS NOT THAT BAD.

If you want to see, and why wouldn’t you, you can download the subtitled English version here! Go on! See KAT-TUN smile! (I’m sure I’d smile if I saw Nakamaru’s… er… er…. I HAVE TO GO NOW).

Background: Last time KAT-TUN were on Music Station they talked about how Nakamaru always wraps his private parts in a towel when KAT-TUN go to the hot springs together. The host said Nakamaru should get over being shy about that.
Highlights: Nakamaru made his “willy debut!” He chose to expose himself to Ueda, who didn’t even notice! But all the other members were jealous and wished they’d got to see Nakamaru’s thingy!


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