Posted by: sarah | October 8, 2008

Screencap Catchup, One Pound Gospel, eps 1-2

Before I put up the next 1PG recap in a few days, let’s have a quick catchup on some questions I’ve raised over the first two episodes. Inspired by Kousaku (and PMT), it feels like I’ve spent all day eating, so why not concentrate on delicious food?

Q1, Ep1: Analysis of a binge! I thought that this table contained the following items but I’m not quite sure. What do you think? 1 x glass of iced peach juice, 1 x… well frankly it looks like paella?, 1 x seaweed salad is it?, 1 x chicken Caesar salad…? croutons and radishes do I spy?, 1 x OMURICE!, 1x huge pile of nachos?, 1 x heck I can’t tell at all. Pork?, 1 x noodles with prawn and lime, 1 x bread basket and 3 x ICE CREAMS in adorable little ice cream cone holders which I now covet and MUST HAVE. ~~Pictoral evidence, douzo!~~ (click on the pics and you should see full-size if anything gets cut off- ack, is there a way to link to them as like 60% smaller or something? I fail at internets)!


Q2, ep2: What on earth is Kousaku eating when he takes a break in the forest? It looks like a yam, but it CAN’T BE. Can it??

kousaku snacking

You don’t just eat a yam like that like! It sort of really looks like a dog poo he’s just picked up from the forest floor, but Kousaku’s just WEIRD, not… sick… right?? WHAT IS IT! This is killing me, guys!



  1. paella-esque thing must be… pilaf? I think it’s pilaf that’s on the menu at every ‘western-style food’ restaurant (along with curry-rice, omurice, hambaagu, naporitan, katsu, other things you do not find outside j-cuisine). And you look at it and think ‘…pilaf?’ and eat curryrice again because there’s no messing with a classic.

    also that yam is a YAKIIMO, ie a baked sweet potato (satsumaimo to be specif), and i believe you do just eat it like that! not that i ever have because, ugh, a whole sweet potato? but the yakiimo truck song is pretty catchy.

  2. Is it meant to be cold? It’s not steaming like how I’d imagine a freshly baked sweet potayter to look. And not wrapped in anything… are they baked then… cooled?! Perhaps I should ask the nice roast chestnut man at Charing Cross (when he turns up again) to give YAKIIMO a punt.

    Hold on – pilaf = pilau? I dunno, I just knew it wasn’t a balti which would have been my OTHER guess.

    When do we start capping Lunch Queen? ALL TEH FOODS.

  3. It’s surely meant to be hot! And I’d expect it to be wrapped in, like, silver foil, but… well, I have never bought a sweet potato from the sweet potato man with his strange van that smells of burning.

    I’ve always assumed pilaf was some kind of pilau? Aha, j-kipedia says it’s Turkish food that came to Japan through French cuisine.


  4. I am going to buy a tin of Heinz demi-glace sauce from the Japan Centre and try making some! Loser Brother couldn’t tell the difference between that and their special recipe demi-glace sauce so I think that is FINE. As long as it’s just that sticky sweet brown goo that Japan has down pat I will be happy. Chunky potatoes and carrots and GOO oh yes please.

  5. I didn’t even know demiglace sauce was such an important part of the omurice equation! I think i’ve only had it with… ketchup? groo.

  6. Ah ah I know this one. Demi-glace sauce is simply the next stage evolution of tommy-k as far as omurice goes! Frankly I would be perfectly fine with tomato ketchup on it (the only thing not improved by putting tom k on it is MAYONNAISE or TARTARE SAUCE or BREAD SAUCE well you get the picture). D-G sauce only important if you value your wonderful ~~homestead cooking~~ and think you’re too good for tom. k.

  7. Seems like you are a real pro. Did ya study about the topic? hehe

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