Posted by: sarah | October 10, 2008

Ohkura & Ookuma

BEAR I mean, forget Ueda Tatsuya’s “Mouse Peace” (Mouth-piece, do you see?) solo con – look at the goods available for Okura Tadayoshi’s solo con! Amongst other things (how does a face towel have a charm?), looooook! A teddy bear! Called Ookuma! There are no pictures yet, so I attach a picture of my own teddybear, imaginatively called “White Bear”, who is modelling a jumper I knitted a few years ago.

I must have one. But… but… HOW?! A prize for the first person to send one to néojyanisme! Bears to the usual address!

I wonder what Okura will *do* in his solo concert? Sparkle? A lot? Be pretty? Drum? OH MAN who do I beat up for a ticket!

In the meantime and a little closer to home, look! There’s an Okura hotel in Amsterdam! Yours truly happens to be going to Amsterdam in December. Is there an onsuite Tacchon facility? CAN HAS — ONEGAISHIMASU?


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