Posted by: sarah | October 11, 2008

My stepmother would make Koki Tanaka wash his mouth out with soap and water

Spotted in the “Heart-BEAT KAT-TUN” section in November’s Potato magazine.

koki! *language*!

koki! *language*!

nazi... horse??

nazi... horse?? i am pretty sure it doesn't really say nazi horse. it probably says -crazy horse-. but... what if it didn't???

Language aside. SRSLY KOKI WHAT THE UNHOLY BAG OF CHIPS AND PICKLED EGG IS GOING ON WITH YOUR HAIR! If it’s meant to be a distraction from the hilarious snail crawl ‘moustache’ (also favoured by Tsuyoshi Domoto and Imai Tsubasa, who look *pretty* silly but still a million times better than Koki’s attempt) then nice try but no pimp-mobile.

More pictures and “pithy asides” from Potato to follow, because I have awful cramps and all I can face is curling up on the sofa with magazines named after tubers. Hooray for November’s Potato – NEWS are on the cover! *cheerleads*



  1. What does it say on his sleeves though?

  2. I think… “JUSTICEISM”!!!


    If it really DOES say that I shall be over yon moon.

    Also to post up are the adverts that NEWS do for *fried chicken*. ♥!

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