Posted by: sarah | October 14, 2008

Kamè for Hermès

Oh oh oh this is precious and I cannot resist it. Kamenashi Kazuya is modelling for Hermès 2008 collection! In a pink jumper! Glee, oh Kame you dearest darling girl. Tell me your exfoliation secrets! (He’d never tell and that is sort of why I sometimes have issues with Kame? Ehhh).

Quick quick, someone tell me. What’s Japanese for “blue steel”? Aoi… hagane?! *pouts*

I caught this just before I am due to dash off for cocktails (darling) so when I get home, hopefully sozzled on Cosmopolitans, I shall have to watch Zoolander and screech “Kaaaa-ME!!” at the screen whenever Derek comes on. Fun for me, perhaps less fun for my flatmate and long suffering neighbours?



  1. 青光り….???

  2. Found this place through a chance googling and promptly burst out laughing at the name. (oh, neojaponisme….) Please keep up the great work, I love it and will be reading. :)

    (Would I have stumbled across either of you guys on LJ perhaps?)

  3. It’s funny because… it’s funny? Thank you for the lovely comment, it will be a comfort during the dark winter that is the next ep of 1PG I need to recap tonight :)

    And er yes, both of us are not entirely unfamiliar with LJ, for our sins! This blog is partly here to stop us spamming our friend lists with JEmphemera (although I am very pleased my friends now speak at least enough basic Johnnys to understand 20% of what I have to talk about in the pub – they deserve a prize).

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