Posted by: sarah | October 20, 2008

Maou wins on points

Of potential interest to cee – whilst yours truly was reading about the super-accelerated patent formalities story @ Keio which is currently doing the rounds in the IP circles (it’s related to Johnnys because Shigeaki Kato studies at Keio, shut up) – I came across the following link about delicious DRAMA STATS. (via Tokyograph). I’d rather the Drama Grand Prix than all the other GRAND PRIX that keep being on the fucking telly. Really, fuck off! zzzzzzz…

Last week, Nikkan Sports announced the results of its summer survey for the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix. A total of 24,757 votes were collected between September 25 and October 4. The big winner this time was the TBS series “Maou,” winning in all four categories that it was nominated for.

The show received about 12,600 votes for Best Drama, handily beating “Code Blue” I AM NOT SURPRISED by close to 5,000 votes. At #3 was “33-pun Tantei,” far behind at only 1,300 votes, followed by “Atsuhime” and “Shibatora” with less than 800 votes apiece.

Satoshi Ohno beat Tomohisa Yamashita BUT HIS DELICIOUS CURLY PERM ALMOST MAKES UP FOR CODE BLUE BEING MISERY-FONT RUBBISH??? in the Best Actor category by roughly 2,500 votes. “Maou” co-star Toma Ikuta also made the list at #3. TOOOOOO-MAAAAH

For Best Supporting Actor, Kei Tanaka WHO edged out the competition, and the top 5 were all either from “Maou” or “Code Blue.” Ryoko Kobayashi gave “Maou” its fourth award as Best Supporting Actress, while the rest of the votes were split among the three female leads from “Code Blue” and Mikako Tabe.

The only category that “Maou” didn’t win was the Best Actress award, due to its lack of a starring female role. Aoi Miyazaki received about 8,200 votes for her role in “Atsuhime,” with young star Mirai Shida (“Seigi no Mikata”) trailing by 3,500 votes to land in second.

As far as Code Blue goes, Erika Today beat out Yui Aragaki by 2062 votes to 1743. GOOD I HATE GAKKY. I think it’s because of her hair, I seem to remember her not really making much of a negative impact on me in Dragonzakura, but she was way outclassed by Saeko and Twinkie Teppei Koike there, marvellous. Sigh, I’ve been watching Code Blue but it’s been a trial. The things I do for Yamashita Tomohisa, that glorious perm and the immense sexual tension between Aizawa and Hiyama. OK.. I’m reaching here. BUT IT’S THERE…


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