Posted by: sarah | December 2, 2008

Aiba Masaki is ‘blooming marvellous’, say critics

Yours truly is quite a big fan of (in theory, admittedly, only what she percieves, from a distance, as), the J-habit of taking an American movie and turning it into a Johnny-featuring stage play (High School Musical with Koyama Keiichiro, and now um “CALL”, based on absolute rub-fest ‘Phone-booth‘, with um… Koyama Keiichiro), so I wasn’t surprised to see super-idol Aiba Masaki appear in a similar Western movie-cum-theYAYtar production… and the film in question?


YOU, dear reader may not remember this, but I DO! Greenfingers, (currently £3.98 on Amazon and if I believe wiki, a “Film Four co-production”) is an auld rub-fest about a prisoner serving out the end of his sentence in a ditzy little open prison in the Cotswolds (!) who recieves a packet of seeds – and from little seeds do mighty oaks grow!! Except in this case, all that grows are a few tulips and the prison garden flourishes and Dame Helen Mirren appears at some point wondering how she managed wander onto the wrong path from ‘Calendar Girls’. I guess Aiba is playing the Clive Owen role, as a prisoner, who through flower-based redemption, realises that there is really a reason… to believe in his future! I for one look forward to Aiba-chan Super Idol winning through the odds and taking “Best ‘Chic’ Garden” at Chelsea. Well my dears I arsk you, what next. How does one get to be on the selection panel for these? I’M AVAILABLE. Oh Aiba, once you got to feed tigers in Africa, and now you’re pretending you’re in the Cotswolds? Chaaaa~~!

IN OTHER NEWS! Tegoshi out of NEWS to star in new movie with Horikita “none more wet” Maki who is playing a high schooler! You don’t say! HEY!SAY!JUMP! to have a new manga serial (and if it makes as much sense as the Kanjani8 one then I’ll need my brain scrubbed with Cillit Bang)! KAT-TUN to release drippy ‘White Xmas’ ballad in Korea! What IS it with the prevailing WETNESS this season? No wonder Akanishi has sulked through every single promo appearance, I would too – it’s no “Stay”. (I learnt the other day, well, I say “learnt” but really – found out is a better term – anyway, that Jin Akanishi’s favourite xmas song is “Last Christmas” by Wham. You can almost SEE him at the Jimusho Christmas Party with tinsel on his head, can’t you)!



  1. aw man i have been holding out for Tegoshi and Horikita to be in something together because they look SO ALIKE that you sort of want them to play creepy twins.

  2. *shudder*

    Take it to fan-fic and LEAVE IT THERE.

  3. DUDE i do not want them to be related in real life! or even fanfictional real life! I just will be really really really skeeved out if they have to play a romantic couple because they have the SAME FACE and the SAME ADORABLE DEAD-EYED STARE, they are secret robot twins.

  4. Maybe they DID when Tegoshi was fat and looked like Adric out of Whoctor Doo but now Tegoshi keeps dying his hair and being unpleasantly hot whereas Makky is full-on wet and even Fotherington Thomas thinks she should grow a pair etc etc

  5. when Tegoshi dyes his hair he looks too much like Shige i.e. AWFUL.

  6. Buth! Tegoshi looks nothing like Shige, nothing looks like Shige apart from Pete Burns and an imaginary talking cat.

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