Posted by: sarah | December 9, 2008

i wanna make you shining smile

On my (1gb, cheap, plastic) mp3 player for the past month: ABBA, NEWS and V6. Do I have a thing about listening to groups who don’t write their names in CAPITAL LETTERS? Anyway! I’m poorly and in lieu of a proper post, I’d love to share a song with you:

V6 – Honey Beat (British Rock Version).

So many posers! What is British! What is Rock! How on earth can this be V6’s 30th single! They’ve released more alBUMS than the Fall! Honey Beat is sort of the best song ever and actually medicinal, but the British Rock version is more… interesting I think! British Rock in this instance appears to mean a bassline that won’t quit (fingers of flame!), sleigh-bells, an interesting plunk on a harpsichord and, an, ahem, “spiky 4/4 beat”, m’lud which would have all the mods grooving in whatever sort of chelsea boots they wear. I love it! If you would like to compare and contrast with the original – V6 – Honey Beat from Countdown 2007, and here is the ubiquitous Hey!Say!7 version. Check out the air-line safety demonstration dance as performed by Yuto “amusing growth spurt” Nakajima and co. LOVE THEM SO MUCH TO THEM.

Now I go eat Chinese food because salt and pepper squid is ALSO medicinal. Cough.


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