Posted by: sarah | January 11, 2009

green black and blue like the sempai in the sky

Some youtube viewing for yoooou~~~

IE viz, salad of all the sempais when they were but tiny kouhais themselves! Alltogether now, coo, aw bless, wasn’t Kimutaku still a dork when he was a bairn.

It also includes a little most excellent footage of Hikaru Genji. Boo, of course it includes some performances by SMAP (they are just as bad as BEAKS, just when you think you are rid of them they pop up AGANE) and the best of all – something which I must track down in full – a shot of KinKi Kids performing Go West! Yes, that Go West. Tsuyoshi’s face. It would be a great Moment in Pop, if there were more than 2 seconds of it… Undebuted KAT-TUN boggle at the hilarity in video asides. I wouldn’t giggle too much if I were you, bog-brush features… (naming no names of course, my little turtle pears).

In other news, I am considering taking tomorrow off work sick, and scouring London to see if I can find a copy of Hanako magazine which features Jin Akanishi thusly: with a fake tattoo of a butterfly on his wrist (just… confusing), in a suit (flashbacks to Anego, distressingly distracting), even sluttier in a suit and also wearing… Jarvis Cocker specs, which make him look VERY CLEVER and not at all as dumb as bag of rocks. I was so distracted when I first saw some preview pictures that I burnt my tea (honey spiced chicken, if you must know). Oh, I kid, I won’t skive off work just for boybandism… yet, if anyone just happens to be able to get to the Japan Centre or Mitsukoshi and if they could let me know if they may be stocking it, I promise I would thank you when I stopped whimpering. The best thing about photoshoots with just Jin is that one needn’t pretend as if they will bother translating the accompanying articles (which I did do, once, if a four line blurb about Yamapi being ones favourite person to see fireworks with counts).

I like to feel that Jin Akanishi is helping my understanding of the traditional battle of the sexes, as I have never been able to purely objectify someone so much before. So brilliant! He should have a prize, I will make him some cakes (not that he needs any *more*).


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