Posted by: cis | February 4, 2009

new drama watch: mei-chan no shitsuji, “a yuukan club, say”

The current Yuukan Club – is this a new rule? there is always a Yuukan club? Anyway, this season’s equivalent to Yuukan Club is this tripe.

Elements of Mei-chan no Shitsuji:
It’s set in a school where people are ridiculously rich! But also really MEAN. (Yuukan Club, Hana Yori Dango, all school bullying drama, all poor-girl-in-celeb-land drama)
There is a HUGE cast of people: all the girls in school, plus their fittt butlers oh god even saying it makes me feel like a moron (for certain definitions of ‘fit’. seriously, the definition of ikemen in these dramas is pret-ty loose. and yes it seems like the majority of the cast are direct from Hana Kimi.) (Hana Kimi, the Gokusens, all vaguely comedic school drama)
Lead character really likes making udon as it reminds her of her family. (all food drama ever. Mind you, this time it’s washoku for once)
Tomboyish girl has to learn to become ladylike for utterly contrived reasons (that Aya Ueto stewardess drama, actually all Aya Ueto dramas ever. i remember when i used to like Aya Ueto. it was before i saw any of her dramas.)
Actually, you know, spending more than a couple of seconds thinking about this drama’s setup makes me feel as if the neurons are steadily falling out of my brain. There is some kind of insaaaaane gender politics to be drawn out of here (so every spoilt rich girl has a male ‘butler’ who exists to serve her, on first glance someone who reflects her emotions/opinions but some of them have – gasp – their own motives for choosing service), but the utterly tired combination of
1) bitchy-rich-girl bullying
2) opaquely-motivated dei ex machinae
3) thinly-veiled allegory for the necessity of becoming more feminine in order to get on in life
4) sheer boringness
has kind of put me off watching any further.

In other drama news, as Sarah says, this season’s theme seems to be “the japanese, they’re pretty noble– in their everyday lives“. Take VOICE, Ikuta Toma’s current (he’s back to playing the unthreatening unexceptional best-friend part, who’s surprised): it’s like a CSI or Silent Witness in which no-one has been murderised. People have died in mysterious circumstances which turn out to have been acts of kindness! Or at least they turn out to be so after Eita has stroked his chin and looked ~pensive~ for five tedious minutes. I know I complained about Innocent Love and its unrelenting emotional sadism but I did not know how good I had it; I’d rather lol catholicism and Horikita Maki as lightning-rod of all the misery than this utterly uneventful pollyanna nonsense.



  1. first of all, ROFLMAO!
    I am currently watching both of these dramas and I totally concur with all you have said.
    Mei chan no shitsuji is SO ANNOYING. It’s weird but I can’t stop watching it. It’s so contrived and I have never liked Nana for some reason. I think she is a decent actress but I never like her characters. Hiro is just wasted in this show. The only high points are Mamebisha(sp) and that little genius girl. I love both of them. I think the butlers are really hot though, I guess that’s a matter of taste. Most of them have been recycled as you said.
    Voice is better because of better acting but is stupid in the premise that no one is murdered but everything was for the greater good or a complete accident. I have cried every episode though. I really wish there was something to watch that isn’t stupid anime turned drama tripe as you put it or a completely depressing implausible drama.
    Too bad Love Shuffle is ending soon. I LOVE THAT DRAMA.

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