Posted by: sarah | February 8, 2009

kami no shizuku ep 2: a DREAD REALISATION

SHOCK AUTHORIAL REVELATION. Shin and Yuko Kibayashi are nothing more but another pen-name. I can now exclusively reveal the true writers of Kami no Shizuku: IE VIZ: Michael Winner and Matthew Fort tanked up on a heady diet of the Twilight series and 20 bottles of vintage chateaux 2 bouteilles pour un fiveur dans le newsagente locale. Seriously, the amount of purple prose has already been run through a translator, but it goes on! And on! Descriptions from the art galleries! Description by the character of the deep soil in the south of France! Analogy to butterflies! “A mist, a bridge across the mist, a flower field, the intoxicating scent of red BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOOOOD”…. all combined with CGI straight out of those “magic 3d pictures” which we all loved in the early 90s…

FURTHERMORE, in addition to the characters ALREADY lecturing your humble viewer on the matter of plonk ((a)Msr Robert, the long haired wine sensei, (b)the mysterious barkeep who seems to think NOTHING about opening prize vintages for sampling purposes, (c)Tomine Issei and his 3D GLASSES OF EVIL, (d) his WIFE in her fur coat of evil AND (e)manic pixie dream wine girl), we have yet ANOTHER fine wine conniseur who ironically enough – is one of those “Japanese Beer Girls” (TM). Can you imagine! She advertises beer but really likes wine ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH GO AWAY.

ITEM! This is possibly a little unfair to Matthew Fort but I can’t think of any other wine critics so whatever.

ITEM! do Bordeaux and Burgundy wines really come in different shaped bottles? I can’t say I’ve ever noticed this down Threshers. I suppose I *have* learnt something… unfortunately the major lesson is STICK TO GIN. Come on, Jin’s Gin y’all. COMMISSION x 12 (c) me).

Now I’d best get back and finish the episode, I had to stop 17 minutes in just to post this…



  1. jinny goolden!

  2. (do you see what i did there)

  3. Hold on – can you see this post?! Well, obviously you can… I meant to put it as private and post it a few days later…

    *edits* oh well I don’t know what happened, but now it’s “public” fer what it’s even worth.

  4. PS yes I do see what you did there, just imagine this but with wine instead of a sausage and I think you’ll see how it should be. He’s got the same hair.

  5. And no I don’t know why that picture was on my computer either.

  6. Hang on – 3D glasses? jpg nao pls?

  7. I will make you a jpg tonight (if I remember) (on googling to see if a picture already existed it seems this site is the first hit so I think I might have got said dude’s name wrong. Oh well no-one is watching the flipping drama anyway APART FROM ME woe woe woe~~~)

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