Posted by: cis | February 23, 2009

basically I just wanted to use this tag

Reasons to watch Satomi Hakkenden (2006):

  1. Sometimes you just need the pick-me-up that only wafū wire-fu can provide.
  2. Nakama Yukie – ie ‘her out of Gokusen’ – looking saintly in period dress there, marvellous.
  3. Our old friend, Terrible Gender Politics– i.e. not to spoiler anything but it appears that to express any bitterness at woman’s lot means you’re on the expressway to evil. oh and the only form of power a good woman has is killing herself.
  4. Takizawa Hideaki, chewing scenery like some sort of hair-straightener’d hamster. Oh, Takki, Takki, why are you always in jidaimono, is it because your classical girly features are just too ~*dazzling*~ for modernity? Is it because the Jimusho spent so much money training you up for Yoshitsune and they need a return on their investment? Is it because you’re a master of the ‘flip your hair, look impassive and say something in mock-classical japanese’ school of dramatic arts?
    (not but what I very much enjoyed his look-at-my-range bandit/onnagata revenge tragedy whatnot a year ago, in which Takki had some kind of bromance with… himself? I suspect the ichikawa kon original is probably more fun – apparently it has unnecessary jazz? you can’t go wrong with unnecessary jazz.)
  5. Let’s jump out a window so we can fight on the roof! Let’s run away from the road so we can fight in a forest! Super bad special effects! I love you, all attempts to create a Japanese wuxia.
  6. Was that… did I hear… a speech about the meaning of nakama? Oh, Takki, you shouldn’t have.


  1. I think Tackey, I mean Takki, I mean “him out of T&T” has spent more time on ‘wire work’ than any other Johnny ever, he barely goes two seconds before cocking his right leg behind his left and being whisked off into the air and twirling around like a human salad spinner. EVERY SHOW HE’S IN, I swear he sends 50% of his time in the air.

    #7 = sold.

    RESCUE had an awesome changing room back to basics nakama scene:
    daichi: “what about nakama??”
    evi fudo whose-heart-is-like-a-stone (FUG-o moar like): “what is…. *~nakama~*” *twirls darth vader cape and storms out*

    Turns out that nakama is Massu from News staring glazedly at Nakamaru Yuichi’s strange unnatural beauty…

  2. dude you know i love Nakamaru but “strange unnatural beauty” only applies if it is the new way of saying “rather prosaic looks”.

  3. the playing fields with nakamaru yuichi

    at rest with nigel molesworth

    *wibbles furiously at tiny EVEN GAWKIER baby maru* how come the one time I need a picture of nakamaru in his awesome selection of cricket jumpers I cannot find one on page 1 of google images, life is hard.

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