Posted by: sarah | March 11, 2009

*~turnabout toma~*

apollo toma

oh my god oh my god oh my god

ikuta toma is going to be starring (starring!) in a new drama called ‘majo saiban’ (!!!) which is basically “apollo justice: ace attorney” (or, if you must, 逆転裁判4 – gyakuten saiban 4) crossed with Judge John Deed, now with added Johnnys!*

ikuta toma stars as “a typical part-timer with little interest in social issues” (i hope he has a quiff, a comb sticking out of his back pocket and a delightful sneer) who becomes a lay juror, and we assume, develops… some kind… of interest? in social proceedings?

nice upselling of the revisions to criminal proceedings, coming in in… may, apparently? this is corporatelegal services social responsibility the way i like it. first doctor yamapi sells doctors, then SUPER RANGER nakamaru bigs up firemen, and now ikuta toma as everyday layman… hmm. what’s the japanese equivalent of “joe bloggs”? i hope that given the percieved unpopularity of the system that this won’t nosedive.

airs on april 25. must watch, must watch.

*dudes, would it not be awesome if KIS-MY-FT-2 played “The Gavinners”?! uglyface Kitayama (who isn’t really ugly at all, but the name has stuck) could play Klavier Gavin…




  2. oh oh Toma, perfectly designed for the everyman character.

    You know, I sometimes worry that it is just me being sort of paranoid and sort of poststructuralist, that upwards of two-thirds of all a season’s j-dramas seem… educational. And then people come along and are all “now we will have a drama to teach the kids about the lay juror system through the vector of Ikuta Tōma’s augustinian nose”. It is beyond Reithianism in a magical world of… of I don’t know what.

  3. It knocks into one of those COCKED HATS that KAT-TUN are probably wearing in their new pv innit.

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