Posted by: sarah | May 6, 2009

still alive, please!

Both of us are busy with exams, or jaunts abroad, however you’d like to call it and that’s my excuse for the lack of posts lately. I don’t want to neglect the world of Jyani though so let’s have a quick roundup of the latest ‘things’ in JE:

– Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was found drunk, howling and naked in a park, neojaponisme later found drunk, howling and with it’s knickers in a twist over Shingo Katori’s weepy apology. Your writer, who should be studying for her own law exams, wonders why the Zizek quoting (I’ll just get my coat NOW should I) commentary is tagged under ‘law’ – perhaps there’s been a community service order for Kusanagi to dress up as Pipo-kun for 6 months! As long as he keeps his clothes on. Make the punishment fit the crime – and as an extra bonus you wouldn’t be able to hear him sing under the blue badger suit! Oh – and we can have the argument about Pipo-kun being a badger or a raccoon or a whatever later.

– Yamapi my baby my poor baby WHY HAVE THEY MADE YOU GINGER?? And dare I say it – with some green roots? He is so ginger that the June episode of Wink Up has their NEWS photoshoot in black and white. And the hair is so long that, combined with his increased scrawniness, he reminds me of 2005’s (ridiculous yes, but strangely loved too) drama Dragonzakura. Also, I once mistook him for.. Hiroki Uchi?? PLEASE – how?? Have a pic.


– Rumours that idol mags are £12 now are pish by the way – ~£10 in JC and Mitsukoshi. And no, I ddn’t buy any~ Speaking of Mitsukoshi – I went there for the first time today (what a strange place – upstairs is all GucciOrlaKierlyBerry and downstairs is half expensive British treats and a Japanese mag newsrack and bookshop – there’s another section which is possibly a travel agents but it was full of ladies otsukareing all over the place so I didn’t peek my head round the door). They also stock Hanako but didn’t have the issue with Akanishi that I posted about a while back. That’s probably a good thing else I’d have had to lick the pages until the pigment came off on my tongue. (Also Harumi cooking mag is 4 quid cheaper than the JC but this isn’t neoharumisme is it so I’ll shut up).

Koi no ABO is the new NEWS single; it is about getting it ON with ladies of different blood types and bizarrely, I’ve needed to medicinally have it on repeat since it came out? Who would have thought I needed so much orchestra hit in my life? OH HOLD ON WAIT. Curly perm watch: all over the shop. WOMEN watch: tonnes!! Loads!! Since I posted (maybe on another blog??) about the shocking WOMEN in KAT-TUN’s RESCUE vid (goth bosh! oh never leave us), NEWS have got women too? I’m concerned this is going to end with them putting Chinen Yuuri in a wig…

– I have the feeling Koi no ABO is more fuel for my NEWS as the band for every occasion – where ‘every’ is an absolute. NEWS have a song about “it being the SUMMER” (guraranteed banker every year!), one entitled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” (and I believe everyone in continued existence will coincidentally have one of these each year?), emo Ryo-chan has a song called ‘ordinary’ (so emo it’s in lower case romaji! nurse, the salts). The album titles! “touch”! “color”! Pacific is slightly different but no less bland a title (and not my favourite NEWS album either tbh). I was anticipating a song perhaps about funerals or barmitzvahs next, but no – blood type!! Everyone has BLOOD! And a TYPE! However, no mentions of negative or positive. Does that not matter? For what it is worth, like Jin Akanishi, your author is blood type O. So do not worry Jin baby if you get swine flu you can have some of my blood if it becomes necessary.

– Speaking of KAT-TUN, I believe they have another album out (not heard it) and as such they have been promoting it. Whilst, as I sa, I hav not heard the alBUM, I have learnt the following new items ie viz:
— Jin Akanishi has the longest arm (77cm) and longest little fingernail (1.1cm) in KAT-TUN. I knew the big dumb sack was my favourite for a reason. I don’t think he has smiled yet in 2009 which is similarly close to my experience too :( Cheer up, us!
— Koki Tanaka’s solo song is called PIERROT which is worrying and scary. Junno’s is called WIND which I am afraid I am too childish not to snigger at.

Oh yeah and Johnnys talent is at number one in the hit parade (NEWS), album charts (KAT-TUN) AND dvd charts (Hayseed Bump) because someone people are actually buying Hey!Say!JUMP! stuff. Good old (naked) (screaming) JE. *relaxes*

So, SMAP who? Guess how much I can’t even be arsed to tag this post…


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