Posted by: sarah | June 8, 2009

this is not the post about the quiz show you were looking for


Ryo Nishikido is so emo it hurts (oh wait! that’s um the point?); he is more emo than Robin Hood, Bandit Way’s dirty nappies and five kicked puppies. In “A litre of tears” he was the boyfriend (well – the “it’s complicated”, if we want to be all facebook about it) of someone suffering from a terminal degenerative disease, and now HE is suffering from a terminal degenerative disease and woe, misery, doom and despair. This is a one off drama airing during 24 Hr Television (if that means anything to you – for me generally it just means Arashi wear bad matching tshirts).

“Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide”, in which our hero has many Adventyures and a Promysyne Future, yet the cruelleth Fayte doth Preye upon his Cerebellum by a Tumour of the Brayne, whereupon the loving familial Bosom is rejected in Wrath – for hours and hours – THEN HE DIES AND THAT IS THAT – GLOOM AND DOOM SHALL REIGN FOREVER ALL SHALL WORSHIP RYO-CHAN AND DESPAIR.

Woes. I will probably watch it and have to hide in my room depressed for a month as a result, oh plus ca change… (Although this has reminded me that Ryo is in another drama, is he not, ORTHRUS, with Tackey?! I know even less about this but perhaps each one is playing one of the dog heads? Orthrus being a two-headed dog, although I don’t know how he is different from Cerberus, and in fact thought they might have been the same – hi, I don’t know my classics, what are you going to do – sue me).


Let’s just throw this out there and say “johnnys entertainment does not code entirely straight”. Don’t need to go into this too much right now? But this is getting ridiculous. Two (2) ‘new’ units have debuted this week, both featuring Nakayama Yuma (yuck-a more like). And their names!

Unit 1: Yuma ft. B.I Shadow

Unit 2: “NYC Boys” (Nakayama – Yamada [ryosuke! delm!!] and Chinen [lilly]) – ugh.

*gestures wildly* “BI Shadow” is one thing, but NYC Boys, if anything, is even worse!! Tiny spangly boys in disco-geddon shocker? Chinen Yuri as a baby Village Person?? The first hit on Google for “NYC Boys”, with SafeSearch ON, is – really a) not Safe and b) ENTIRELY DEMONSTRATIVE – this whacks so many queer subcultcha (although hardly very ‘sub’ I guess!!) buttons and it’s kinda… wrong! Actually, it has occured to me it could be worse if it were “CYN Boys”. Oh god!! Is there NO WAY to give underage boys in tight sequinned trousers a band name which is NOT entirely coded to death!? Oh, um…. ah.

NB I have actually not heard a song by NYC Boys – or even a performance – but you can take a wild guess about what it might be like can’t you. I *have* heard the Yuma ft BI Shadow song, for what it’s worth. It is notwhere near as good as NEWS Nippon – but then again what could ever be? The song was fairly non-intrusive, more noticeable was the Music Station studio sardine-packed with Johnnys in a way I haven’t actually seen for a while. I kinda missed it, I guess!

So, given two units debuting in two weeks, I wonder who will complete the rule of 3? At this rate, I expect my boss will probably debut with Nakayama Yuma… (crikey, she IS going on holiday next week… OMG)!



  1. I love your blog! Thank you for sharing the same feeling towards these Johnny’s names. I mean, man, I just feel so sorry for those ‘B.I. Shadow’ people, imagine what they’ll have to say when they introduce themselves, ‘hi, we are those shadows hanging around Nakayama Yuma’.

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