Posted by: sarah | October 29, 2009

Loveless? you mean it’s all been… love…less?

Wake up, sleeping blog! Yamapi has a new solo single out! It is called Loveless, let’s talk about it!

1. It does not sound like 20 electrical guitars and fuzzboxes put into a massive blender and then run over with a JCB. First hope, gone. Justification for hope: Yamapi’s curly perm/Kevin Shields curly perm, yesterday, GUESS MY THEORY;

2. On first listen it seems a bit of a plodder, but tomorrow I’ll inevitably be depressed and find Great Meaning in it so let’s leave the jury OUT for the moment;

3. Hello! Over-singing, my old friend! Johnnys /don’t/ over-sing and sound kinda… strained, like Yamapi does here! What’s going on? This is like when Ian Broudie put fuzz over… whichever single came after ‘Sugar Coated Iceberg’… REVOLUTIONARY?

4. Yamapi appears to have moved to NYC to be in Sex and the City, Johnny style, and is wearing a very fetching black coat.

5. THERE REALLY IS NONE MORE EMO – slow motion tear comes in at 00.21 and that’s counting the various intros to the promo video (just because you did it in Kurosagi, no need to do it again here).

6. Emo decision is somewhat perplexing – after last seasons Buzzer Beat where Yamapi played (disclaimer: I have only seen one episode of the hot-pink frenzy that is Boozer Beat) yr Basketball Mr. Nice Guy, there’s been huge amounts of promotion projecting Yamapi as… Mr Smiley! I know, right? It made sense for Daite Senorita to be angsty, because, yanno – KUROSAGI – but the choice of single is a wee bit at odds with recent activities do we not think? (Daite Senorita in itself is hardly emo!) – I suspect we’ll be back to blank-Yamapi from now on then… bah.

7. It’s Yamapi in a taxi! Yamapi standing in Grand Central Station! It’s all very high gloss but his miserable face recollects nothing less than Smalltown Boy (!), or at least the hollow-eyed beginning of it anyway… run away, turn away, run away…

8. The opening shot is actually a silhouette of a feminine figure shot from the back. My first thought was “HA HA, JIN AKANISHI IN A DRESS”. Why?! But now I can’t get the thought out of my head and NEITHER WILL YOU.

9. There are shots where he wears a bright white suit – this is how you can tell he’s still a boybandist. Thank god there’s SOMETHING you can rely on these days.

10. Brownie points from nice coat are lost in later SUBWAY SHOT where YamaPi appears to be wearing Uggs. *wince*

And for what it’s worth, Loveless isn’t even my favourite My Bloody Valentine Album, “Isn’t Anything” is far superior so *there*. Here’s (When You Wake You’re) Still In A Dream, or however those brackets work, from 1989 when YAMAPI PROBABLY WASN’T EVEN BORN OR SOMETHING. Ok, well Yamashita SHOON probably wasn’t born… kids these days.

I understand there is a Loveless manga. It looks k-crepey, so perhaps I should count my blessings that Yamapi isn’t dressed up as a (argh) ‘catperson’. I can almost forgive the Uggs in the face of such overwhelming fear.

PS – I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve had to create a ‘yamashita tomohisa’ category? C – we fail?


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