Posted by: cis | June 17, 2010

a spoiler-free assessment of Fuji TV’s ‘sunao ni narenakute’



  1. This is your assessment of everything! I believe your response to Countryfile is also dakishimete tonight!

    This is correct and how it should be of course.

    NB I haven’t watched any of this, it’s the one with the feller from that other band, isn’t it, you know, the ones that aren’t Super Junior?

  2. i think you will find that my assessment of Countryfile is


  3. but yes! SnN is the one with some korean boyband dude playing a character i really quite dislike on a human level!

    but crucially it also has UENO JURI AND EITA BEING BFFS which is all I ever want in a drama. and uh Twitter. (and stuff i am going to not mention to keep this assessment ~spoiler-free~)

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