Posted by: sarah | June 23, 2010

kat-tun in new member shocker

Of course, when you play outside of Japan, you need a new website, right? Suga Shikao sent out links to his myspace for his gig at the ICA, but trust Johnnys to splurge – like, with a domain name and everything!

Marvel at!:

So over excitable! Gigs will be played! Tickets will be purchased! (Well hopefully!) Totally adorbs!! A picture of Jin in a ridiculously large hoodie on every page! I want to ruffle his hair but the hoodie is in the way (where is the pikachu hoodie curses).

Readers shall of course want to know about this Akanishi fellow’s background. Who would expect it to BREAK SHOCKING NEWS about KAT-TUN back in Japan? In particular you may be interested to note “Nakamura Yuichi” from Princess Princess D has joined KAT-TUN! Well, it’s not too much of a step, I believe he was in the “none-more-canon” Gokusen 2 (“noooooo more cry”!!). I consider this news to be straight from the horseys mouth, where Jin Akanishi is said horse. What of Nakamaru Yuichi? Only the whispering wind knows… my theory? TOTALLY hooked up with Alicia Keys.

I understand more US tour dates are announced… so, who’s coming to NY with me then? Road trip! By which I mean “train to the airport, aeroplane across the sea and then probably another bus” trip, but why let mere fripperies stand in the way of the sword destiny! (Oh just announce a European date already, jeez, loser).


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