Posted by: sarah | November 2, 2010

Curryrice watch

Appearing as a b-side on the new NEWS single: 愛はシンプルなカレーライス .

“Love is Simple Curry Rice”, yes?

If the official video doesn’t feature them wrestling in a pool of Vermont curry roux, I will be quite upset and shall be writing a sternly phrased letter to Jin Akanishi.

“Curryrice” is b-side to the “Fighting Man” single (oh! did we mention Yamapi is in a film where he is a boxer, who FIGHTS, and is allegedly a MAN? we DID?). It’s not very mentionable apart from that they appear to have hired Molesworth to write the English lyrics, which read “Don’t be wet! Get a grip” – suggestions of “Nishikido is a wede and I diskard him utterly” must have been left in the cutting room. B-b-b-but he IS a weed and could not lift wot the Japanese call… a…. a… kyuuri?


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