About Néojyanisme

oh, we do like johnny’s entertainment. Well, them and some other people.

Honestly speaking, this blog is here so we could stop spamming our friends’ friendslists on livejournal with incoherent flailing about LOLLERSKATES and CURLY PERMS and OTHER THINGS ONLY EXPRESSED IN ALL CAPS. To that end, please expect drama recaps; liveblogging of episodes of the world’s greatest music show, the shonen club; overuse of the semi-ironic tilde asterisk; and general investigation of the lame/awesome continuum as represented in its finest expression, the Japanese boy idol.

About your staffers, we have cee and sarah. We think there’s not much you can’t learn about one via the medium of the monthly Question 10 in everyone’s favourite Hyper Visual Magazine for Girls, Wink Up. [it’s the magazine so good it makes Jin squeal! Squeal Jin, squeal]

Therefore, we travel back in time, to…

NEWS Question 10, Wink Up Aug 2005, qns translated by cee, of course. (put your answers in!)

1) When you think of Kagoshima, you think…
2) If you could go back to one time in your life, which age would it be?
3) Do you make sure not to miss the TV programmes you’ve been in?
4) Thing you bought most recently.
5) When you think of Shigeaki Kato, you think…
6) Favourite way of preparing eggs!
7) Your dream as a child (ie ‘what did you want to be when you grew up’)
8) Which is most important out of clothes, food, housing.
9) Your hands: cold or hot?
10) Your personal cubit!

sarah answers:

1) I really should look this place up on Wikipedia to see where it is. Is it a place? A type of oven? Near Bristol? Oh.
2) Age 10. I would REFUSE to get my hair cut! It ended up in this awful, strange, not even a mullet thing. Then I had to start secondary school, with THAT HAIR. I somehow didn’t manage to grow out of the style for about 2.5years. You may think this is shallow, but I’m still traumatised.
3) I make sure to always miss them! I do not like the sound of my voice, and from photographic evidence, my physical appearance can be very rogue.
4) 2x pieces of chicken and chips. ~sweatjweb icon here~
5)  I would like him to be my law school buddy. I have no-one to come to the library with me, and no-one to do “study drills” (whatever they might be) with. Shigeaki Kato… it could be you? Studious cat loving nut-job.
6) EGG LIKE AN EGG. It used to be scrambled with plenty of butter and black pepper, but recently I’ve been liking the jib of boiled eggs, soft boiled and hard boiled both. We they’re hard boiled they should be cold! And ideally have some salt and pepper sprinkled on.
7) A fair but just headteacher at a girl’s boarding school (ideally in Austria)/an olympic figure skater/a knight of the round table/a nun. Oh, One Pound Gospel, must it now be this!
8) Food! You can always live under a bridge, and a potato sack has always suited me fine when it comes to clothing. But life without cupcakes? Unliveable.
9) Cold hands, I’m afraid. Maybe… a warm heart?
10) idk what to do here!

¬¬¬ (perhaps)?

cee says:
1) kurobuta ramen!
2) friend, I would never go back. i am eternally mae-muki. although i do have a soft spot for 1997.
3) i make sure to miss them! soooo embarassinggggg
4) a… train ticket? to the south of england?
5) premature balding! and the ridiculous hairstyles necessary to disguise it!
6) scrambled. with pepper. ooooh, scrambled duck eggs: possibly the greatest egg-related food ever?
7) evelyn waugh! no, seriously. every day i am disappointed that i am not him yet.
8) foooooood.
9) hot! and yet no-one has said to me: hot hands, cold heart.
10) okay maybe i should have translated that literally: the distance from your elbow to your fingertips, and mine is… actually i’ve lost the tape measure. but, you know, it’s a cubit.

Our blog name is, of course, fondly pakuri’d from those charming gents at néojaponisme, with whom we have no connection whatsoever. (As you could probably tell by the way we really have no problems with Johnny Kitagawa’s media bully tactics when they result in such hilarious boybandism.)


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